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Client Services Managers

Meet the masterminds behind the magic! Our Client Services Manager Spotlight series shines a light on the dedicated faces ensuring seamless connections between clients and Global Medical Virtual Assistants.


“The role of being is a CSM is to set our VAs up to succeed with their clients so they are able to do their tasks well, support the patients, support the practice, and be the amazing team member we know they can be.”


“It’s a humbling opportunity to support our Virtual Assistants and to see them grow and be successful with a client account. As a team we all support the practice and together we can be successful.”


“I love developing and empowering the team, I love it when I provide guidance and support to my team. I love to collaborate with them and learn from their personal and professional experiences.”


“My favorite part about being a Client Services Manager is being able to work directly with our clients and ultimately seeing and hearing their satisfaction whenever I help them out with their needs or concerns.”


“My favorite part about being a CSM here at Global Medical is being able to contribute to our community whose sole purpose is to deliver exceptional healthcare solutions while working with a myriad of compassionate individuals.”


“I would advise someone looking to work with a Medical Virtual Assistant to establish clear communication channels and clear expectations from the beginning to ensure a successful working relationship.”

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